Elephant calf dies of anthrax (Odisha, India)


The Hindu

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An elephant calf died of anthrax in the Sanasole cashew forest on the foothills of Similipal sanctuary, officials said on Saturday.

The carcass was located last evening with blood oozing out of its mouth, said Arun Kumar Patra, Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) of Baripada forest division.

The calf died of anthrax and the cause of the death was ascertained after an autopsy, he said

A herd of elephants had strayed away from the Similipal sanctuary area last week and the animals were seen roaming in the nearby areas.

The calf which succumbed to anthrax was a member of the herd. The mother of the calf was seen guarding the carcass when the forest officials visited the spot, the ACF said.

The autopsy was carried out after the guarding mother left the carcass this morning. On September 10, a female elephant died of anthrax in Gudugudia range under Karanjia forest division, officials said.