Elephant calf found dead in Odisha (India)


Press Trust of India

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A three-month-old elephant calf was found dead today at Ghumusara
North forest division area in Ganjam district, officials said.

According to the post-mortem report, the calf died due to aspiratory
pneumonia and carcass of the animal was found near a pond in
Pendarapalli, Divisional Forest officer Rama Swamy said.

“We had to wait for an hour to reach the body as other elephants,
including the mother, were not leaving the dead baby elephant,” he

“The dead calf was surrounded by around 13 elephants.

Fire crackers were burst to disperse the elephants after which we
conducted the post-mortem, the officer said.

This is the second such death in a week in Ganjam district. On
February 26, a 65-year-old tusker was found dead in Kariamba forest,
which falls under Ghumusara South forest division.

In May last year, an elephant calf had died due to sun stroke, in
Ganjam district.