Elephant Calf Rescued From Pit (India, Odisha)


By Express News Service

Date Published

ANGUL: An elephant calf fell into a pit at Karadabahali village under Chhendipada forest range on Wednesday night.

An elephant herd had sneaked into the village from the forest nearby late in the night and while crossing a road, the calf fell into the pit.
While the calf cried, its mother made loud trumpeting sounds waking up the villagers. The locals informed the Chhendipada forest officials immediately, who arrived in the morning to begin the rescue operation. While the foresters tried to lift the calf from the pit with the help of machines, the mother elephants chased them away as a result of which the rescue operation was stalled for three hours. However, the officials then managed to drive the elephant into the forest and rescued the calf at around 1 pm.