Elephant Calf Rescued? (India)


By Express News Service

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An elephant calf that had fallen into an unused well at Anakkayam near Kothamangalamon Friday midnight was rescued by the Forest Department personnel, police and local residents on Saturday morning.

According to local residents, they were alerted by the trumpeting of a herd of elephantson Friday night. On reaching the spot, they saw around six elephants standing around the well and trying to rescue the elephant calf. When a large crowd of people gathered in the morning, the elephants returned to forest.  Later, personnel from the Forest Department and the police dug a trench along the side of the well and created a slope for the calf to climb up. When the two-year old calf climbed up, it was united with the other elephants which were watching the rescue operation from a distance in the forest.   The calf  had not suffered any major injury in the fall. The rescue operation was led by Forest Range Officer Thomas and Kuttampuzha SI R Sivan.