Elephant family welcomes new baby into their clan (Kenya)


By Annie Daly, Yahoo Travel

Date Published

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Apparently, humans are not the only ones who come together to celebrate the birth of a new child in the family.

As this amazingly cute video from One Green Planet shows, elephants do it, too.

The daughter of the matriarch of an elephant family inAmboseli National Park in Kenya, just gave birth.

And the most adorable part about the video is that once the mother notices that her daughter is bringing her little one into the herd, she rushes over to welcome her into the clan.

Soon after, the others run over to complete the welcoming ceremony, too.

The little baby elephant may not know it yet, but it was born into a very special group of elephants, dubbed the “OA” family, who live in a very well-protected park in Loitokok District in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. In 2010, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) launched the Amboseli Elephant Project, a new initiative to protect elephants in the country. The group is helping the Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS) with anti-poaching patrols.

The non-profit also launched a joint research study with the Amboseli Elephant Research Project to analyze the effects of the 2008-2009 drought on the wellbeing of a select group of Amboseli elephants. The drought killed close to 400 of the 1,550 tracked elephants.

Fortunately, with such focus on the Amboseli elephants, the little baby will be in very good hands. Or, you know, trunks.