Elephant gives birth to twins in rarely observed event (Kenya)


Nancy Agutu, The Star

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An Elephant has given birth to twins at the Aberdare National Park in what KWS is terming as a rare occurrence.

Twins are rare, representing about one per cent of births.

“Waking up to exciting & great News! An elephant from Aberdare N.Park just gave birth to twins,” KWS said in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Did you know that an elephant birthing twins is an extremely rare occurrence?”

Kenya wildlife Service said Elephants are a keystone species, playing an important role in maintaining biodiversity of the ecosystems.

“You’ve got to Zuru Aberdare National Park and view the majestic forest elephants with the backdrop of undulating rise and fall of the misty valleys, hills and mountains,” they said.

Five months ago,  Elephant twins were born in Samburu National Reserve. The announcement was made by Save the Elephants, a conservation NGO.

Elephants are very attentive mothers, and because most elephant behaviour has to be learned, they keep their offspring with them for many years.

In 2020, an elephant named Angelina delivered twins, a male and a female, in Amboseli National Park.

It was difficult for the mother to produce enough milk for two calves.

The calves became emaciated, and it was doubtful they would survive beyond six months.

Fortunately, elephant calves are weaned with vegetation at three to four months.

By the time they are seven to eight months old, they are usually good feeders, which helps supplement their mother’s milk.

The twins reached their first birthday in February 2021 and are healthy. They are almost two years old.

In October last year, twins were adopted by Elephant Cooperation and named Scotty and Scott.