Elephant herd raid mango groves? (India)


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Mango groves stretching to more than 200 acres in Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur, Watrap and Saptur have suffered extensive damage over the past three days as elephants from adjoining forests raided and broke branches besides eating the mangoes, forest officials said.
Officials said mango crops had been destroyed just as they were ready for harvest.The elephants were raiding the groves both in the morning and evening and grabbing all mangoes, ripe or raw, Chinna Raja, a mango grove owner said.
Officials said steps have been taken to prevent the elephants from destroying the mangoes as large quantity of mangoes were exported from the region.
Revenue officials said the damage caused by the elephant herd was being assessed,and only after a detailed assessment they would be able to give the exact figure,? ?they said.