Elephant herd unleashes panic in Ganjam (India)


The Hindu

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A wild elephant herd at the Jagannathprasad forest range under north
Ghumusar forest division in Ganjam district has turned overwrought
following the death of a calf due to drowning.

Since Saturday forest officials have been camping in the region to
protect the inhabitants of five remote villages inside the forest from
wrath of the wild elephants, said Rama Sami, the Divisional Forest
Officer (DFO) of north Ghumusar forest division “We have held meetings
with members of the local Vana Surakshya Samities from Ketamundhi,
Tirikupa, Sisunda, Katupalli and Limbripali villages regarding
precautions to be taken to keep the wild elephants at bay.

All efforts are being made to drive the wild elephants into the
adjoining Gerada reserve forest, away from human habitat,” the DFO

On Saturday, the carcass of a three-month-old elephant calf was found
in a water body inside the jungle near the villages. This artificial
water body had been dug up by the forest department to provide water
to the elephants. The baby elephant drowned and died, which was later
ascertained by its autopsy report. But the mother of the dead calf as
well as the wild elephant herd were observed moving in tense state in
the region.

According to the DFO, the wild elephants seemed to be getting
pacified. “On Sunday, neither the mother elephant nor any other in the
herd came near the spot where the dead calf was buried. We feel very
soon the elephant herd will leave the area and get into the forest,”
he said.