Elephant menace terrifying Jhapa locals (Jhapa District, India) 



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BHADRAPUR: A perennial occurrence of wild elephant menace has terrified the locals of then Chandragadhi VDC -1, 3 and 9 in the district. 

The problem has forced the locals to the extent of staying wide-awake throughout nights to avoid any damages, physical and property, due to the elephant’s rampage as they straying from nearby Indian forests enter the villages and wreck havoc. 

The occurrence of elephant nuisance has shifted to the villages from Bahundangi in eastern Jhapa, which used to face such problem, but now free of it with the authorities having taken necessary steps, local people said. 

A herd of five wild elephants that were taking refuge in Chandragadhi community forest enters the village when it falls the evening, attacks locals and destroys crops and houses, the locals said. 

Two days ago, a wild elephant enters the village and destroys three houses at Bhadrapur-10, said local social worker Yadav Prasad Bhattarai. 

He said although a patrol team from the District Forest Office with the help of the locals has been helping to ward off the elephants, but in vain. He demanded that a long term plan be devised to control the menace.