Elephant number goes up in PTR (Palamu Tiger Reserve, India)


Daily Pioneer

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Palamu tiger reserve has been counted with 182 elephants. The information came as field director of PTR MP Singh who after completion of the ongoing census said 140 elephants have been counted in the buffer areas while 42 in the core areas.

“Right now it is difficult to give the exact number of male, female and juvenile elephants. Our officials are just working on this division,” said Singh. The elephant counting was done in two ways through block counting and dung decay process.

With this it is also got cleared that the number of the wild animal has gone up from last time census which was 160 in PTR. “We have seen about 22 more elephants in one year. Last year’s count was based on elephants making access to water holes but this time it is more precise and concise backed by dung decay methodology,”  said MP Singh. Sources said over 50 elephants were spotted at one place in Garu.