Elephant poaching: European Union bans import of hunting trophies from Tanzania and Mozambique


By Vincent Moss, The Mirror

Date Published

The European Union has banned the import of elephant hunting trophies from two African nations.

The decision is a major victory for our campaign to end the vile trade in poachingwhich has driven some species to the brink of extinction.

EU chiefs have ordered the ban on elephant hunting trophies from Tanzania and Mozambique because of the threat posed to the animals by poachers. There is already a ban on importing the trophies from Zambia.

The decision was taken by an EU scientific committee which rules on whether hunting trophy imports are sustainable.

Previously, Tanzania and Mozambique were each permitted to export tusks from 100 elephants every year into the EU as hunting trophies.

But, both countries have seen a significant decline in elephant numbers due to soaring levels of poaching.

The EU decision is the latest milestone in the Sunday Mirror campaign to crack down on the slaughter of thousands of rare beasts every year by poachers who sell ivory and skins for huge profits.

Liberal Democrat Euro MP Catherine Bearder, who is supporting our crusade, said: “I’m glad the EU is leading the way in stopping the slaughter of endangered animals for sport.

“Trophy hunting of elephants is not only senseless and cruel, it is wholly unsustainable.

“African elephants could be extinct in the wild within our lifetimes. We must do everything we can to prevent this iconic species from being wiped out.”

The European Commission is already meeting one of our campaign’s key demands by drawing up a Europe-wide action plan to step up the fight against wildlife trafficking.

The comprehensive plan will bring together environmental experts, police and trade officials from across the EU to crack down on the illegal trade.

It will aim to close loopholes which allow gangs to smuggle ivory and other illegal wildlife products into Europe.

Will Travers, president and co-founder of the Born Free Foundation, welcomed the plan.

He said: “Poaching and trafficking of wildlife threatens the existence of many wild animal species.

“Born Free is lobbying the European Union to take much needed leadership on this issue and we will now focus on ensuring the Action Plan effectively delivers better conservation of the world’s threatened wildlife.”