Elephant Recovers After Being Found with a Spear in his Stomach (Kenya)


Malorie Thompson, One Green Planet

Date Published
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Interacting with wild animals is never a great idea, as it can result in harm to the animals or people involved. Sadly, people continue to pester wildlife and it can often end in disaster, like when a man was killed taking a selfie with an elephant or when a baby elephant died after being photographed.

In animal-human conflict, it’s often the humans to blame for the problems, but animals often suffer as a result. Take Sarara, for example.

The bull elephant was found in October of 2021 with a spear in his stomach, a wound he sustained in a suspected human conflict incident. Sarara is believed to have been in a protected conservation area when the incident occurred.

Thankfully, conservationists with Save The Elephants were there to help Sarara recover from his wounds. The elephant needed immediate medical attention to remove the spearhead and clean the wound, two tasks that are difficult to do with a massive wild elephant!

After a few months, though, they were pleased to announce on social media that he’s since made a recovery and is “back on his feet.”

It’s just one example of the growing human-animal conflict that’s occurring across Kenya as people expand housing and take over wildlife areas. We’re glad Sarara was able to recover and can continue living his life in peace!