Elephant rescued from 45 feet deep well (Coimbatore, India)


India.com via Press Trust of India

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An elephant, which accidentally fell into a 45 feet deep well in a
village on the outskirts, was today rescued by forest and fire

The 10-year-old male elephant, part of a herd which came in search of
water in Kovanur village, accidentally fell into the dry well on
Tuesday night and was noticed by the villagers yesterday morning,
after it trumpeted.

Efforts by forest department and Fire and Rescue department officials
to bring it up, failed to bear fruit yesterday due to non-availability
of necessary equipment and personnel, forest department officials

With more number of personnel, additionally drawn from police and
NGOs, the elephant was brought up with a crane with a belt being tied
around its abdomen, the sources said.

Earlier, Forest veterinarian Ashokan tranquilised the pachyderm to
help department workers get into the well and tie the belt around the
elephant, they said.

The personnel toiled for nearly four hours and brought up the elephant safely.

It later proceeded towards the jungle, the sources said.