Elephant run over by train in Coimbatore (India)


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A 15-year-old female elephant was killed after an express train hit it
at Marapalam in Madukkarai early this morning, police said.

The pachyderm, part of a herd of six elephants, including two calves,
was crossing the track when the Bengaluru-Kochuveli Express hit it at
around 1.30 AM.

Under the impact, the elephant was thrown off the track and died on
the spot, police said.

The locomotive driver immediately informed the Madukkarai station
Master, who in turn informed police about the incident.

Meanwhile, the herd gathered around the dead elephant and prevented
forest department personnel and police from removing the carcass.

After nearly four hours, the personnel managed to drive the herd back
to the jungle. By then a large number of people had gathered at the
spot, police said.

Forest department sources said the carcass would be buried at nearby
forest land.

Four elephants had been killed in a similar incident on the same track in 2009.