Elephant treated for sores in mouth (Madukkarai Range, India)


The Hindu

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Forest personnel in Madukkarai Range were treating a 10-year-old male elephant that was unable to eat as it had sores in the mouth. The forest personnel ruled out rumours that the animal had suffered an injury in the mouth and added that its condition was stable.

The personnel said that the elephant used to roam near Anaikatti and they used to spot it with another elephant that was also close to the same age. A couple of days ago, the animal was found unwell and that it could not eat due to sores in the mouth. Effort to feed the animal went in vain.

On Wednesday evening, the animal was given water mixed with medicine and it drank the water. They said that the jumbo could not be spotted on Thursday and it went into the forest. A Forest Department official said that efforts were on to spot the elephant to continue treatment for complete recovery.