Elephant under treatment for ‘constipation’ gives birth to male calf in TN (Coimbatore, India)


Komal Gautham, Times of India

Date Published


A 40-year-old female wild elephant that was under treatment in the Chadivayal elephant camp in Coimbatore for ‘constipation’ gave birth to a healthy male calfon Monday morning.

Forest officials said the elephant was recovering and had started consuming fodder. “We will monitor the health of the elephant and the calf for 48 hours. Then we would take further decision,” said Dr Manoharan, a forest department veterinary doctor.

The elephant began feeding the calf. It was not allowing anyone to go near the young one.

Forest officials had earlier thought that the elephant had been suffering from constipation. However, they had not ruled out pregnancy. “We had doubts and so we gave it enough saline, vitamin tablets, protein supplements and other millets and green fodder,” said Dr Manoharan.

Environmentalists said it was surprising that the veterinarians did not find the pregnancy immediately. There was a possibility of the calf getting injured if adequate measures were not taken, they said. “I am glad that both the female elephant and the calf are safe and healthy,” said Mohammed Saleem Of Environmental Conservation Group.