Elephant Wide Aerial Survey Training Begins (KAZA)


Michael Kaumba, ZNBC

Date Published

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A week-long experts training workshop to capacitate and select observers who will be part of the first ever coordinated Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area-KAZA, Elephant Wide Aerial Survey has started in Kasane Town of Botswana.

Experts from the five KAZA Member states, Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe are planning for the best possible implementation strategies and techniques for the aerial survey.

Wild Sense, Science and Technology Manager, ELSA BUSSIERE said at a media briefing that the training is an important component of the project for best results.

Ms. Bussiere said participants will be subjected to intense tests to come up with the best possible team to participate in the actual aerial survey. 

Twakundi Simpampa, a Senior Ecologist from Zambia, who is attending the training, said the Kafue National Park and nine Game Management Areas in the country will be covered under the survey.

Others include the Sioma Ngweze National Park and the West Zambezi Game Management Area which surrounds the park.

And, Aerial Survey Expert, Howard Frederick said that technology will be employed in the aerial survey to reduce mistakes.

He said special cameras will be mounted under the aircrafts to film the animals as part of the data collection.