Elephants cause more damage in Kavango (Namibia)


John Muyamba, New Era

Date Published

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RUNDU: Herds of marauding elephants continue to be a source of misery and fear among residents of Kavango West after another report emerged the jumbos destroyed an entire homestead and ruined water pipes and a tank at a community borehole.

The damages happened at Ncorose village in Mpungu Constituency.

“I was alone as my husband is away and as I was in my hut, I just heard some movements outside,” narrated Cresensia Nangura Sivanda, a pensioner whose homestead and mahangu makeshift storage was destroyed at Ncorose.

“I thought it was cattle, so I almost came out but my instincts couldn’t let me, so I just woke up and sat and listened and I noticed it wasn’t cattle. I ran to my son’s homestead who are my neighbours. The elephants destroyed my mahangu which was in a makeshift storage. As you can see, they ruined all structures before they destroyed some huts.”

The pensioner further narrated as the wild jumbos left her homestead, they turned towards her son’s homestead where she had run for refugee and there they managed to distract them by hitting on metal drums and other objects.

On Saturday morning, the community together with Mpungu Constituency Councillor, Titus Kandjimi Shiudifonya dug a deep trench around their borehole to try and prevent the elephants from further encroaching on this human habitat and damage the remaining huts and a borehole.

About two weeks ago, the inhabitants of Maha village in Tondoro Constituency experienced a similar occurrence of a scary kind when a herd of elephants ransacked a makeshift granary and where villagers spent several sleepless nights.

“Initially only one elephant came to the homestead. Standing outside, it poked its trunk into the hut where there was maize, beans, pumpkins and mahangu and fed on them,” one of the affected residents Reino Karupu Katewa narrated his encounter with the elephants. During that incident, elephants destroyed a homestead and devoured some maize and pumpkins.

New Era tried to get comments regarding the continuing elephant invasion in the region from the Deputy Director in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Apollinaris Kanyinga who is the head of the north eastern regions but Kanyinga was not reachable as he didn’t answer calls to his mobile phone. 

Queries via text messages to his phone were not responded to before going to press.