Elephants continue to create problems in Nagaland-Assam border village (Dimapur District, India)


The Northeast Today

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KOHIMA/GUWAHATI: A herd of wild elephants destroyed plantations at Rilan border village under Dimapur district, where standing crops spread over a few acres of individual lands, were consumed by the foraging pachyderms.

According to a release issued by the Rilan Village Council (RVC) today, the pachyderms intruded the village around midnightevery night in search of fodder and stored in the village, later the beasts were driven away by the villagers. 

The release said the wild elephants frequently intrude the village from the nearby forest in Assam, particularly during the monsoon season and there have been instances of elephants targeting food items and edible plants well within residential compounds, but this time, the herd only targeted plantations and a bamboo grove. The barbed wire fencing securing the plantations was no match for them, it added.

Stating that there has been no human casualty thus far, it expressed apprehension that it would turn into a violent human-animal conflict, if it is not checked. The district administration was informed of the incident and also wished the department of forests & wildlife would intervene soon to rescue the villagers, the release said.