Elephants enter Coonoor town (India)


The Hindu

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A herd of wild elephants, including two calves, entered Coonoor Town early Tuesday morning, causing panic among local residents.

Forest Department staff said that the animals usually come to a temple near the area, before going into a Shola forest nearby where they feed. However, the herd of five entered the main town, near Alwarpet, where the main bus depot is located.

The animals damaged a few revetments and were wandering around the town. A team of forest staff are using sirens and fire crackers to chase them away.

The animals were chased into a reserve forest and into Tiger Hill. Forest staff are keeping tabs on the animals to ensure that they do not stray into the again.

M.Bindhu, a resident who spotted the animals said that the elephants seemed aggressive, but added that they did not damage any vehicles which passed them by when they were wandering around the town. Forest staff said that this particular herd was well known to them, and that they usually passed through this route.