Elephants invade farms in Bia West (Ghana)



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Some farmers in the Bia West district of the Western region are complaining bitterly about the invasion of elephants on their farms which is threatening their lives and destroying their farms.

In an interview with Adom TV News, some of the farmers explained, “cocoa farms have been invaded and destroyed by these elephants, but we cannot shoot or harm them because it is against the law.”

The farmers say they want government and officials of Game and Wildlife Commission to come to their aid.

Meanwhile, the Parks Manager at Game and Wildlife Commission in Bia West, Mr. Ofori Amanfo, has accused some of the farmers of farming in protected areas reserved for game.

Nevertheless, ‘we cannot watch the elephants destroy their farms, so we have some of our staff and some volunteers at vantage points where the elephants are destroying the farms so they can move them into the forest when they come out.’

Also in the Western Region, two pregnant women have been killed in an accident at Simpa Tarkwa.

The accident occurred when a pickup driver drove into them in an attempt to overtake another car.

In an interview with Adom news, Mr. Kojo Gyimah, assembly man for the area said they have made several appeals to the authorities to construct speed humps on the road but this has fallen on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, some angry residents of Simpa Tarkwa have clashed with the Police in the area and have blocked the road until speed humps are constructed on the road to prevent further accidents.