Elephants slaughtered in the park of Bouba-Ndjidda (Cameroun)


Afrik EnLigne

Date Published
Park of Bouba-Ndjidda in Cameroon — Following the discovery of ten carcasses of pachyderms, last week, the operation “Peace to Bouba-Ndjidda” has been reactivated. The permanent monitoring system led by the 4th Battalion in Bo Tahnee Park (BIR) rapid intervention, found on 14 January last, 10 carcasses of elephants, two of which still had their tusks.  
This ghoulish discovery followed information that indicated that suspicious individuals were seen on January 3, 2015, on the outskirts of the protected area. Attracted by gunfire coming from the area indicated, the elements of the defense forces will fall on these carcasses, confirming the thesis of the presence of poachers in the park.
Therefore, the operation “Peace Bouba – Ndjidda” was reactivated with the same device in 2012, namely the elements of the 4th BIR reinforced by the 31st Motorized Infantry Brigade and the air base 301 Garoua. “All these defense forces are currently deployed in the national park and they control key areas. Air operations are conducted,” an inside source at the 3rd Joint Military Region told us.
According to the same source, “no suspicious activity of these poachers has been recorded since January 14, 2015, date of discovery of the 10 elephant carcasses.”
The thugs have taken the key fields to some neighboring countries, in all likelihood. However, the senior officer of the Cameroonian army requesting anonymity criticized the mean attitude of the local population, whose cooperation has been mixed. 
But he reassured that normal tourism activities in the different sites of the national park had been resumed. “A team of tourists is even now in the process of doing the counting of certain species, such as the feline,” he said. And the senior officer to decide that “the operation ‘Peace to Bouba-Ndjidda’ will continue until the accomplices of the poachers are dug out and brought before the competent courts.”