Elephants Trample 62-year-old man to death (Surguja District, India)



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RAIPUR: Body of an elderly man was found in pieces after he was trampled to death by a herd of four elephants at Manpat region near Ambikapur. The man’s wife, however, managed to save her life. According to the information, the Manjhi couple was asleep when the herd of elephants entered the premises of their house. 

On hearing the commotion, the couple opened the door and were horrified to see the tuskers.
While his wife escaped the spot, 62-year-old Dhuya Manjhi was attacked by the elephants and was thrown on the ground. 

Forest department was informed and the officials vacated the houses to prevent any untoward incident and also sounded an alert as the danger still prevails.The elephants were reportedly in neighbouring forest during the day and there were chances that they would venture in residential areas after sunset in search of food