Witnessing Wildlife in the Wild


George Mugera, Assistant Education Officer

Date Published

In March 2019, Save the Elephants and partner organization Ewaso Lions collaborated by bringing more than 120 wildlife club members to  Samburu National Reserve. The students from Laresoro and Attan primary schools were given a rare opportunity to view wildlife, including elephants and lions, in their natural habitat.

Getting close to elephants and a pride of lions while sitting in the comfort of a spacious bus provided by Ewaso Lions, was a source of great joy for the students.  They were even treated to the unique sight of a group of adult lions, comfortably resting in the thickets of the reserve while their cubs played nearby.

The Samburu elephants occasionally came close to the bus raising their trunks to the utter surprise of the students who had previously only heard about these animals either in the classroom or spoken about as misunderstood creatures in their villages.

While in Samburu Reserve the students were introduced to various wildlife by education officers from both organizations. They also visited the Save the Elephants’ research camp where they learnt about elephant tracking technology and got to  feel the weight of the heavy tracking collars before enjoying lunch along the dry river bank of the Ewaso River.

There was much talk about the similar challenges facing both elephants and lions from human-wildlife conflict and loss of natural habitat due to unplanned development and encroachment to illegal killing.

It was a great opportunity for both organisations to work together with the common goal of educating children about the value of wildlife. We are sure the students will have  many memorable stories from their visit to Samburu National Reserve to pass on to their families and friends.

Group Photo with Laresoro school pupils at STE’s Research Camp

Group Photo with Laresoro school pupils in front of the Ewaso Lions bus at STE’s Research Camp

Group Photo with Attan school pupils in front of the Ewaso Lions bus at STE’s Research Camp

Laresoro school pupils listen to Evanson of Ewaso Lion at STE’s Samburu Camp

Laresoro school pupils in the Ewaso Lions bus

Students from Attan School feel elephant collars at STE’s research camp in Samburu National Reserve