Eritrea: Wildlife Reserve Boosting Bio-Diversity.

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Barentu — Mr. Makele Keleta, head of Agriculture Ministry’s office in the Gash-Barka region, said that wild life reserve in Lalay-Gash sub-zone is making due contribution in boosting the number of wildlife and preservation of vegetations.

Mr. Makele further noted that the wildlife reserve area was identified and mapped out in 2009.

Pointing out that there has been a growing number of elephants in Lalay-Gash despite regular farming activities in the area, Mr. Makele explained that the farmers were reallocated to other areas to ensure the safety of the elephants as well as to avoid possible confrontations between the elephants and the farmers.

Mr. Ghide Estifanos, administrator of Lalay-Gash sub-zone, on his part explained that the wildlife reserve covers a large area in the Gash-Barka regions that stretches from Sutuna around Tekeze River to Kurkuji around Gash River. Taking its importance into account, the residents of the areas and Government institutions have been exerting level best effort to protect the area, Mr. Ghide added.

Lalay-Gash is known for its abundant vegetation and it is thus a common habitat for elephants and a variety of wildlife in general.