Family Ties – The Elephants of Samburu


Save the Elephants

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An African Love Story

In February 2007, Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, famous field cameraman for the National Geographic, and his assistant Nathan Williamson, came to Samburu on a mission to photograph the Samburu elephants through Save the Elephants. (The social behaviour of the Samburu elephant population is known, and you can approach them at close range without scaring or bothering them and with your presence.) The National Geographic team spent 140 days in total, to capture the ‘Elephant souls’ for an article that is featured in the September 2008 National Magazine titled, “Family Ties – The Elephants of Samburu” The story is by David Quammen, National Geographic Contributing writer who also visited Samburu later in the year and is accompanied by stunning elephant photographs by Nick Nichols which tell a multiplicity of poignant stories themselves.

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