Farmers’ plea to curb jumbo deaths on tracks (Coimbatore, India)


Times of India 

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Farmers in the district blamed the forest department for the death of elephants on railway tracks and sought action against forest department personnel, who gave permission for encroachment of elephant corridors. They also stated that several private universities and colleges had encroached on elephant pathways leaving the them with no other choice but to cross railway tracks. 
P Kandhasamy, district general secretary, farmers’ association, petitioned Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to initiate a judicial enquiry. “We have petitioned the central railway minister as well but there was no response from him. So we are petitioning the Prime Minister,” said Kandhasamy. He spoke about the recent elephant deaths near Walayar-Ettimadai section and at Puthuppathi area and said an educational institution in that area had build a bridge over a stream. Because of this, neither the animals nor the farmers can use that pathway any more.