Forest officers sensitise people, visit tusker-affected areas (Kolhapur District, India)


The Times of India

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KOLHAPUR: The forest officers in Kolhapur range, including chief conservator of forests Clement Ben, visited the tusker-affected affected areas in the region on Saturday.

The officials have started awareness drives in the villages affected by the aggressive elephant. According to the officials, they are also going to visit Karnataka for relocating the elephant in the jungles based there.

Ben, in his detailed Facebook post on Saturday, said, “Since three years, wild elephants have marched from Karnataka through Chandgad, Ajara, Bhudargad forests to Radhanagari. A lone adult tusker has trampled paddy fields, relishing sugarcane and jack fruits. Our frontline staff is monitoring the animal and carrying out panchnama for speedy crop compensation. They are educating the villagers regarding wild elephant behaviour. We have so far visited Asangaon, new Karanje and Kariwade villages.”

Deputy forest conservator Prabhunath Shukla told TOI that relocating the Tusker is one of the long-term solutions that can be implemented.

“We cannot confine elephant for a long time. It is a wild animal and needs to be in the wild. Anyway, even if we think to keep it in confinement, the expenses will be huge. A separate staff of 4-5 people will require for its care and separate expenses worth thousands of rupees will have to be shelled out,” said Shukla.

He added that later this month he will be heading to Karnataka to meet with forest officials to find out the possibility of relocating the tusker.

When asked about the possibility of more than one tusker in the region, Shukla said, “We have carried out a survey in the month of May, wherein it was confirmed that there is only one tusker. So, there is no doubt about another elephant.”