Foresters monitor injured elephant (Coimbatore, India)


Times of India

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The forest department has deployed 20 staff members at the Madukkarai forest range to take care of a 10-year-old male elephant that sustained injuries in its mouth after biting a crude explosive planted to scare away wild boars.

Forest department officials said they spotted the elephant on September 28 at Nathegoundanpudur forest area in Madukkarai forest range. When they found that it was wounded, forest range officer M Senthilkumar and his team immediately made arrangements for providing medical help to the animal.

“We saw the elephant near a water tank. We gave the animal some medicines mixed with water. We also fed the jumbo banana leaves and fruits,” M Senthilkumar said.

The officials also said it was difficult to approach the elephant to provide treatment, as was roaming with another male elephant aged around 25.

Conservator of forest I Anwardeen said the elephant’s lower jaw was found swollen and there was an inflammation in the oral cavity. The animal’s gait is normal and seen running. However, his aggressive playful acts may hurt the oral structures.