Fresh Intern at Save The Elephants


Fraizer Wasonga Onyango, Local Intern

Date Published

Hello Everyone!

I am Fraizer, very lucky and grateful to be considered for internship with Save The Elephants for the month of September 2011. I am a graduate with Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from Moi University, Kenya.

I reported at STE office in Nairobi on 5th September, 2011. It has been a very enjoyable week working with the staff here.

For the whole week, I have been working on Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton’s old photographs from his field work and research expeditions on elephants. It mainly involve scanning of the slides and prints in to digital format. It is an interesting experience to come across this resourceful photo library containing important information about elephants.

Looking forward to keep you updated throughout September when I get to STE research camp in Samburu.