Fundraiser Burning to Eliminate Poaching


Orlander Ruming, Daily Liberal

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Every 15 minutes an elephant is poached for its ivory.

It’s that statistic and the effect it is having on the African elephant population, The Askari Project founder Bobby-Jo Clow is hoping to draw attention to at an upcoming fundraiser.

On Saturday, the Kenyan government will burn more than 100 tonnes of elephant ivory and rhino horn to take a stand against illegal poaching, while preventing the ‘white gold’ from being sold.

On the same night, Ms Clow and her co-founder Bradd Johnston are hoping to foster the same awareness at the Milestone Hotel in Dubbo.

“It’s Kenya’s way of telling the world they’re serious about ivory and the elephants are worth more alive,” she said.

“We saw it as a perfect opportunity to get together with people in Dubbo to have a bit of a memorial for those animals that have lost their lives and also raise money for the Askari Project.”

At the current rate, Ms Clow said there might not be any African elephants left by 2025.

“I want people to take a minute and reflect on what is happening over there and what we can do to help out,” she said.

“The more awareness we raise, the more we stand up and talk about it, the more taboo it becomes and we might just put a stop to it.”

Entry for the event is $10, which will go towards the Askari Project. The organisation assists The Tsavo Trust in Kenya protect some of the last great tuskers of Africa.

“You get these massive charities and you don’t really know where your money is going, but the money we hand over goes towards fuelling an aeroplane that flies over the Tsavo National Park every day to monitor the elephants and do headcounts,” Ms Clow said.

More information on the event or the work of the Askari Project can be found on their Facebook page.