Gabon: Booba attacked by an elephant . . . video (Gabon)



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The French rapper Booba went through a moment of high panic while in Gabon on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the African Nations Cup in which he will participate. According to the opening program, Booba will be among the artists who will sing for the opening of this major event in African football.

Local media indicates that the rapper was attacked by an elephant on a beach in the country, while trying to take a selfie with the animal not very far behind him. Obviously, the elephant did not like the presence of the rapper on this beach where he was walking and performing a song invented for the occasion. The lyrics of this song were well made: “I will never have to ivory tower, I do not kill the elephant.”

After finding that the animal tried to approach him, the rapper Booba fled at full speed to the point where he did not even have time to turn off his camera.

To immortalize this moment of strong adrenaline rush, the rapper released the incident on his Instagram page. In the end, the French rapper was fine, because he managed to escape and get away from the attack of the animal. All this was accompanied by a burst of laughter. No doubt Booba will no longer take the risk of walking on this beach. I must say that this video was also panicking fans of Booba who advised him through comments to avoid taking such risks in the future.