Gabon: Four ivory traffickers arrested in the south of the country



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Translated from the French by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for the French original.

Four suspected ivory traffickers have been arrested at the Nialy crossroads, a locality located in the southern Gabonese province of Ngounié, a police source said Friday.

Four poachers suspected of Gabonese nationality, in possession of 40 kg of elephant tusks, were arrested at the Nialy crossroads by members of the judicial police and water and forest officers during a patrol.

The individuals allegedly slaughtered five elephants to extract their ivory spikes, the source added.

The four men were taken into custody, before being brought before the prosecutor of the High Court of Mouila, capital of the province of Ngounié.

In Gabon, elephants are considered a “fully protected” species. The import, export, possession and transit through the national territory of fully protected species, as well as their trophies, are strictly prohibited, stipulates the Gabonese Wildlife Law.