Gabon/Ivory trafficking/Ogooué-Lolo: A Lebanese man arrested in Koulamoutou


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Following information from an anonymous source, the agents of the Judicial Police Branch of Ogooué Lolo launched an investigation on September 30, which immediately led them to the Lètsiyabè district of Koulamoutou. Once in the said district, the agents carried out a search of the home of Sieur CHAHROUR Mahmoud Jamal, farm manager at Double Bois SARL, a subcontractor of SBL. 

This search will discover two (2) ivory tusks in his room. He will tell officers that he found these tusks in the house when he moved in five years earlier. 

 The house was occupied at that time by his compatriot Ahmed KODER, who has since returned to Lebanon. CHAHROUR Mahoud Jamal later used these ivory tusks as decoration in his room for years.

The agents of the Judicial Police thus proceeded to arrest him for possession of ivory tusks (trophies of fully protected species). He was taken into custody in the premises of the Judicial Police of Koulamoutou pending his transfer to Libreville and his presentation before the special prosecutor’s office.

The alleged trafficker faces up to ten years in prison in accordance with the provisions of article 388 of the Penal Code.