Gabon: More ivory spike seizures in Koula-Moutou


Steven Mpono, 7 Days Info

Date Published

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A new operation to combat trafficking in protected species has just led to the arrest of an alleged ivory trafficker. Indeed, as part of the fight against poaching, Mr. Aimé MONDJO, Gabonese 43 years old, was arrested on Monday, February 14, 2022 in Koula-Moutou (Province of Ogooué-Lolo).

Water and Forest officers of the Ndangui Brigade and those of the Koula-Moutou Judicial Police, formed as a mixed intervention team, made the arrest. Their operation was supported by a team from the NGO Conservation Justice.

The events took place on Monday around 12 noon. The preparation of an illegal transaction of elephant ivory (a fully protected species), having reached the agents, they deployed to the scene after forming a response team.

At the scene of the operation, the suspect Aimé MONDJO was in possession of two ivory tusks sawn into 6 pieces that he was about to sell. Apprehended, the latter was placed in custody in the premises of the Judicial Police pending his transfer to Libreville. He will be brought before the Special Prosecutor’s Office to answer for the facts of detention and attempted sale of Ivory. He faces up to ten years in prison.

Wherever they live, elephants leave feces filled with seeds from the many plants they eat. When these feces are deposited, the seeds are sown and turn into new grasses, shrubs and trees, improving the health of the savannah ecosystem. (Source: Hence all the danger represented by the disappearance of this animal species. The loss of elephants can cause the disappearance of part of the forests and several other animal species.