Galkiriyagama wildlife officers treat wounded tusker (Sri Lanka)


Tharushan Fernando, Newsfirst

Date Published

Poaching and loss of habitat have caused tuskers to become an increasingly rare sight in Sri Lanka’s jungles. Wildlife officers on Sunday had to treat a tusker with a unique condition

The Galgamuwa tusker has earned the name “Dalapoottuwa” because of the entanglement of its tusks.The tusker which usually roams around the jungles of Galgamuwa, makes an annual migration to the Kala Wewa via Kekirawa.

Last year, wildlife officers had to treat the tusker for a gunshot wound on a leg. With reports emerging from sightings that the leg had become infected, officers from the Galkiriyagama Wildlife Office prepared to treat the animal.

Following an operation which lasted several days, the tusker was located on the shore of the Siyambalanduwa Reservoir, about 35 kilometres from Galgamuwa.

A team led by veterinarian Chandana Jayasinghe treated the tusker on Saturday evening. The risk taken by wildlife officers in attempting to treat wounded elephants is made evident by these scenes. Please see video.