Date Published
Elephant Poaching: The Local Context (Mali)

Susan Canney, Wild Foundation

April 24, 2015

Rescued Elephant Adopts an Orphan Mouse and Raises Her as Her Own (PHOTOS)
One Green Planet
April 1, 2017

Inside ‘The Poachers Pipeline’: Q&A With Al Jazeera’s Jeremy Young and Kevin Hirten
Molly Bradtke, New Security Beat
March 28, 2017
Despite Bipartisan Efforts to Stand Up to Wildlife Trafficking, Agencies Continue Their Standstill  
Gabrielle Nagle, Whistleblowers Protection Blog
March 27, 2017

Elephant reserve may be coming closer to Chico (CA, USA)
Jacqueline Morales, The Orion
March 27, 2017

Eyes in the sky and on the ground are helping forest conservation in Cameroon
Arend de Haas, The Conversation
March 16, 2017


Respecting human rights: the key to elephant conservation
Mike Hurran, Open Democracy

March 29, 2017

Great Bedwyn School gets behind elephant conservation project (UK)
Richard Mills, Gazette
March 2017


China’s Promise, Saving Elephants
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Summary on Vimeo: China has promised to ban commercial trade in ivory by the end of 2017. See why this could mean survival for forest elephants.
Thank You China

Living in an elephant’s footsteps

Deutsche Welle
Elephants are amazing animals – not only because of their trunk. Their feet are also unique. Numerous animals dwell in the water-filled footprints that elephants have left behind.

This elephant died a slow PAINFUL death after having its paw stuck in a tree (photos)

March 2017


Inking the jumbo conflict (India)
By Express News Service  
March 29, 2017

Man-animal conflict: Jumbos come alive on Praveen Kumar’s canvas (Bengaluru India)
Priyam Chhetri, Deccan Chronicle
April1, 2017

Paul O’Grady reveals his tears and heartbreak at filming new elephant documentary
Mark Jeffries & Nicola Methven

March 29, 2017