Govt identifies six elephant corridors in State (Shillong, India)


Shillong Times

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As instances of man- animal conflict, particularly with elephant, is on the rise in Meghalaya which often leads to mass destruction of life and properly, the State Forest and Environment department has identified six elephant corridors in the State for the elephants to pass through.

An official with the State Forest and Environment department said that though the elephant corridors have been identified, the problem comes up since  the corridors does not have any legal backing  and most of the corridors pass through private lands.
“We have spoken to people and we will most probably have to acquire land for the purpose,” the official said.
Reacting to a query about the growing instances of man animal conflict in the State, the official admitted that very little can be done to tackle the problem since human population is increasing and they are encroaching into elephant habitat.
He however said that the department has started the community reserve initiative under which people conserve forest and in around the village  and the initiative is showing positive outcomes.
“One village in Garo Hills has responded very well and the success rate is almost ninety percent,” the official said.

In addition, the department is also creating awareness among people by urging them not to encroach into forest areas since elephants often come out in search of food.
The State Board for Wildlife, which met earlier this year under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, had called for the need to restore and recreate wildlife corridors, particularly elephant corridors that existed in the State to facilitate free movement of wildlife from one place to another.