Guangxi Sino-Vietnamese border seizure of wild animals and products suspects want to bribe 300,000 was rejected (China)


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BEIJING, Fangchenggang February 28 (by Chen Yan Zhao Huabin Heqiu Hong) Fangchenggang City, Guangxi border detachment disclosed on the 28th, the squadron recently investigated two cases of alleged illegal transportation of a large number of wild animals and products case, seized on the spot turtles, pangolins frozen body rhino Corner, tiger bone, mink and a number of suspected precious wild animals and products. Was seized, a suspect man wanted to use 300,000 yuan bribery, but was the police refused.

26th of this month, Fangchenggang City border brigade police clues to be located in Dongxing City, Hunan Road, near a district suspected of possession of wild animals. Police to report the location of the surprise inspection, found a warehouse, into the door did not find the suspect, but smell a very pungent taste, the room has more than 10 woven bags.

Subsequently, the police opened one of the woven bags, which are equipped with turtle, light weight of about 4 kg, weighing about 15 kg. By the inventory, the rental warehouse hiding a total of 70 turtle. By Dongxing Marine, fishery and other departments to confirm that these tortoises are Asian giant turtle.

Police introduced, in addition to the case, after February 9, according to the public to reflect, Dongxing border police station police station investigation Dongxing City Daping Road a rental, also found that a large number of suspected wild animal products and sold around.

According to reports, the door of the rental house selling wine signs, there are three men are packing about 1 kg of suspected ivory products. At the same time, the police in the rental of the refrigerator to search out the mountain of frozen goods, tiger bones, etc., and in the cabinet to search out ivory, rhinoceros horn and other products.

Subsequently, the police will control the three men. Asked by their friends in their own WeChat sent animal pictures, customers need to contact them, the price is right, and then sent by courier.

While the police in the inventory, the door suddenly a man came to knock on the door, the police immediately control the man. After questioning, the man is to come to receive the courier, usually received the phone will come, more recently over time.

By the police inventory, in the rental house to find suspected ivory, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, tiger teeth and mink and a number of wild animal products, there are suspected tiger claws, tiger bones, pangshan frozen body, bear bile, etc. A total of about 33 kilograms. Among them, suspected ivory products about 8.26 kg, suspected rhinoceros horn products about 4.51 kg, suspected antelope horn products about 0.048 kg, suspected like skin about 2.74 kg, suspected tiger teeth about 0.417 kg, suspected tiger claw about 0.811 kg, suspected tiger bone about 8.6 Kg, suspected to wear a mountain of about 5.47 kg, suspected to wear a frozen body of about 1.85 kg, suspected bear bear about 0.145 kg, suspected mink about 0.16 kg.

Police introduced, one of the suspects Yanmou want to use 300,000 yuan to the handling of the police pleaded, but was rejected.

At present, the case has been transferred to the local Forest Public Security Bureau investigation, courier men after the release of education, involved in the three suspects have been under criminal detention, the case is still further for them.

Located in the border between China and Vietnam in the city of Fangchenggang, smuggling cases in recent years, involving cigarettes, pangolin, tortoiseshell specimens, tortoises, frogs, night heron, ivory, mink, coral and so on. (Finish)