Hair in Rain


Tara Easter, International Intern

Date Published

Voi is a friendly little town just outside of Tsavo East National Park. It’s our little bit of civilization that we escape to and get supplies from while camping in Mwakoma. The people are welcoming and not too pushy. If one store doesn’t have what we need, managers kindly offer suggestions for where we can go to get it. A pitch fork, for example, was among these items in which we had to search multiple stores. I was the one who desired it so much; it’s such a useful tool when dealing with brush piles filled with thorns! No one knew what I was talking about when I asked, so I drew a picture and they sent me on my way to a different store again and again. When Lucy pulled up with a pitch fork in hand the next day I squealed with joy… It’s the little things.

Unfortunately, in all of Voi, there does not seem to be any tarp or tarp-like material that we desperately need for our dream shower. Situated just underneath a beautiful acacia, with views of the old baobab marking the corner of our plot and Sagalla mountain the distance, our shower will make bucket bathing a luxury.

While we have greatly appreciated the hospitality at Kileva Primary School, we are excited to create a space to unwind and get clean in the open air on our plot. After all, we can’t always rely on a good storm to wash our hair in…

While in Nairobi, we will pick up some tarp and other materials to make this shower a reality.

Enjoyable showers => Getting clean each evening => Sleeping better => Brain power for further reducing human-elephant conflict => Happy farmers and happy elephants. That’s what it’s all about.