Haut-Lomami: Poaching of hippos and elephants denounced (DRC)



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While in Kinshasa, Provincial Deputy Paul Ngoy Nsenga Binthelu of Haut-Lomami, President of the Provincial Parliamentary Commission for the Assessment of Natural Disaster Damage, held talks with Olivier Mushiete, Director General of the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN), and Professor Gerry Manitu Mantoto, planttechnical and biotechnologist agricultural engineer.

The poaching of hippos and elephants from Upemba Park was the focus of the meeting between MPP Paul Ngoy Nsenga Binthelu and ICCN Director General Olivier Mushiete.

The elected representative of Malemba-Nkulu has in fact come to denounce this very recurrent state of affairs in his fiefdom.

“The difficulties experienced by the population of the territories of Bukama, Malemba-Nkulu due to the multifaceted damage caused by elephants and hippos from Upemba Park were at the heart of the interview granted to me by the Director General of ICCN, Olivier Mushiete. He acceded to our argument and reassured us of the efforts that ICCN is ready to make to improve cooperation with the local communities of our jurisdiction for a lasting solution. Finally, he promised to make a field visit to Upper Lomami province.”

The local elected official took this opportunity to launch an appeal to various partners to help households in precarious situations in these territories. 

He sounded the alarm that “the territory of Malemba is in phase 4 of famine” because of various natural disasters ranging from rains to the wanderings of elephants and hippos who leave their natural place, Upemba Park, to destroy villages, fields, with incalculable damage and school dropout.