Heat Stroke Kills Elephant Calf at Ghatshila Forest (Jamshedpur, India)


The Avenue Mail

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The searing heat wave prevalent in Kolhan division took claimed the life of an elephant on Thursday.

Heat stroke killed an elephant calf at the Ghatshila forest range. Carcass of the one-and-a-half-month old calf (male) was found near a hillock inside the Chekam jungle in Ghatshila forest range.

The carcass was buried at the spot after post-mortem was conducted by government vet Shankar Kumar.

Ghatshila range officer Sushil Verma said that after examination of calf they concluded that the elephant calf died of heat stroke.

They found no external injury. It seems that the calf was part of a herd which left him behind after the death. The victim was an elephant calf which died due to heat stroke. It’s extremely hot in the Ghatshila forest range.

The forest range office was informed about the carcass lying near the hillock by the villagers. “As we came to know we rushed to the spot and located the carcass,” Verma said, adding there was also an acute water crisis in the jungles falling under Ghatshila range.