How Kerala Forest Officers Are Trying to Save a Seriously Injured Elephant (India)


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A young female elephant with severe injuries strayed into the buffer zone of the Kulathupuzha forest range near Thiruvananthapuram four days ago, but forest officials in Kerala are struggling to save the animal.

The veterinary team that has been observing the elephant from afar believe the blood and wounds on her body were caused by an attack by a tusker.

The scared elephant is not allowing doctors or locals to come near her. With her condition so fragile, giving her a tranquiliser could prove to be fatal.

“Konni forest veterinary officer Dr Jayakumar and a team of forest officials have been trying to treat the female elephant. It has a severe injury on its forehead and on the back side of its stomach. The stomach looks swollen. Insects and flies are swarming all over the wounds.  The elephant can be seen trying its best to ward off the flies by pouring water from the river over the wounds,” said P Subash, Range Forest Officer.

Though officials have been unable to treat the elephant physically, around 45 tablets mixed in jackfruit, pineapples and bananas have been given to the elephant. “We hope its panic will subside and then we can go near and treat it,” he added.