How Technology is Transforming Conservation Efforts Worldwide


The Diane Rehm Show

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New technologies are now giving conservationists abilities that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Using remote sensors, satellite mapping and drones, scientists and activists can now monitor deforestation and endangered wildlife in real time. And a new Wiki-leaks-style website is being used to target the kingpins of wildlife smuggling. But like many technologies, these new tools have risks. Tracking devices in the hand of poachers, for example, could prove devastating to endangered elephants. Join Diane and a panel of guests for a discussion on how technology is transforming conservation efforts worldwide.
Jon Hoekstra chief scientist, World Wildlife Fund. He is author of “The Atlas of Global Conservation” and a recent article in Foreign Affairs: “Networking Nature: How Technology is Transforming Conservation”
Andrea Crosta founder, WildLeaks and executive director of Elephant Action League
Rebecca Moore engineering manager, Google, and founder of Google Earth Outreach