How to fight against elephant poaching in the DRC? (DRC)


Radio Okapi

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The world celebrates the World Day of the elephant August 12 of each year. These animals continue to be killed or captured illegally. This, in order to extract the tusks of ivories whose sale brings juicy benefits. In the DRC, there is a vast network of ivory traffickers, according to the Congelese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN). According to them the animals are decimated and the country has no more than ten thousand elephants.

How to fight against elephant poaching and the ivory trade?

Jody Nkashama discusses this with Hugh and Christian Akpona Mabita, respectively, country director of the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and vice president of the NGO “Legal for strengthening law enforcement in the sector of environment (Juristrale).”

[Note: The link below takes one to the 35-minute interview, conducted in French]