Huíla: PN arrested three men accused of smuggling 57 kg of ivory and 11 kg of liamba (Angola)


Novo Journal

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Translated from the Portuguese by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for the Portuguese original. 

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The National Police arrested, in Huíla, Lubango municipality, a 38-year-old accused of smuggling 57 kg of ivory valued at more than one million kwanzas. 

The municipal command of the PN in Lubango says that the man dedicated his time to the marketing of ivory and had in his possession a total of 57 kg that he intended to sell for 1,400,000.00 kwanzas. 

After an anonymous complaint was made, an investigation into the person involved culminated in his arrest, and also the seizure of four elephant tusks weighing a total of 57 kilograms of ivory. 

In the municipality of Humpata, also in Huíla, two 23-year-olds were arrested for their alleged involvement in the trafficking of 11 kilograms of liamba. The arrest occurred through an operation carried out in Humpata by local police, where it was possible to capture the youths and seize 11 kilograms of liamba. 

All these individuals are already in the custody of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for legal proceedings.