Hungry jumbos raid cupboards (Thailand)


Bangkok Post

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RAYONG – About 30 elephants raided a village in Khao Chamao district on Saturday and searched for food in the cupboards of villagers’ homes, a national park official said. 

The villagers of Ban Khao Ngor said the elephants intruded into their village around 1am while most of them were out tapping rubber in local plantations.

Pitak Yingyong, the chief of the Khao Ang Rue-nai wildlife sanctuary, said villagers told him that some of the elephants opened cupboards at the back of some houses and ate ripening mangoes. They did not atack the villagers.

The villagers had seen the herd around the village for three days, he added.

Mr Pitak said he believed the elephants were from the same herd that had come down from the forest in search of food and damaged crops at Ban Moo 4 in neighbouring Wang Chan district and Ban Moo 2 in Khao Chamao earlier.

The elephants picked different villages as their targets before returning deep into the forest in the sanctuary, he added.