Illegally selling ivory products, three people have been arrested by Police of Weihai, Shandong (China)


Weihai News Network

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April 20, Weihai News Network (Reporter Zhao Shuyi Correspondent Li Zhen) Sun bought ivory products from Lee and Qian who are businessmen from South China for profit. These three suspects have been arrested by Weihai City police. Prosecution has begun on 17th.
In late September last year, the Municipal Forest Public Security Bureau received reports of ivory products trafficking. Police immediately monitored Sun who was suspected of ivory products trafficking. Last October 15th, Sun was arrested in a foot massage salon in Gaoqu. in Sun’ s home, investigators seized ivory bracelets, ivory seals, ivory armlets and other products which later been identified as ivory by the wild animals plants criminal evidence identification Center of the State Forestry Administration Forest Public Security Bureau. In the afternoon of the same day, the other two suspects Lee and Qian were caught red-handed while they went to Sun’ s home to sell Sun ivory.
During interrogation, Sun admitted that he was driven by huge profits. Sun heard that ivory products can be sold for a great fortune, so Sun went to multiple areas to buy ivory products. During that time, Sun got in touch with Southern businessmen Lee and Qian. In last October, Lee and Qian brought a batch of ivory products and drove northward all the way to Weihai city of Shandong Province to bargain with Sun, only to get themselves arrested. According to statistics, currently seized ivory products that involved in the case is worth nearly ? 500,000.
April 17, an indictment charged defendant Sun with the crime of illegal acquisition of national rare and endangered wildlife products, defendant Lee with the crime of illegal sale of national rare and endangered wildlife products and defendant Qian with the crime of illegal transportation national rare and endangered wildlife products by Gaoqu People’s Procuratorate ?in Shandong?.
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