In 5 Years, Poachers Kill 35 Elephants In The Forests Of Odisha (India)


PTI Agencies

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Despite taking several steps to prevent poaching of wild animals in the forests of Odisha, at least 35 elephants were killed by poachers in the state since 2010-11.

While four elephants fell prey to poachers in 2014-15, at least three jumbos were killed by poachers till December 2 this year, Odisha’s forest and environment minister B K Arukha told this in reply to the written questions of BJP members Dilip Ray and Bibhuti Harichandan.

Besides the killing of 35 elephants by poachers since 2010-11, 15 jumbos died of poisoning during the same time, Arukha said. This apart, while 38 elephants were deliberately electrocuted in the last six years, 26 jumbos died due to accidental electrocution, the minister said.

Similarly, 37 elephants have died due to natural causes like infighting and falling from hill tops during the same period, he said. Besides, 14 jumbos were killed in train accidents while two others died in road accident, the minister said adding that reason for the death of 85 elephants were not yet known.

While 61 elephants died natural deaths from 2010-11 till December 2, 2015, as many as 89 jumbos died of different diseases. Therefore, combining all the figures as many as 402 elephants have died in Odisha from 2010-11 till December 2, 2015, the minister replied.

Similarly, in a span of five years till November, 2015, the minister said 345 people were killed and 161 injured after being attacked by elephants. The minister said there are 1954 elephants in the state as per the 2015 census.