Indonesian worker trampled to death by wild elephant.


Malay Mail

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TAWAU, Nov 19 — An Indonesian man was trampled to death by an elephant in Dumpas timber plantation area near here, earlier today.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Fadil Marsus who confirmed the incident said the victim, a 48-year employee at the plantation died of head injuries after being trampled by a wild elephant.

“A distress call was received around 3.22pm to inform us that there was a victim who had died after an elephant attacked him at the Dumpas timber plantations near the border of Bombalai towards Kalabakan,” he told Bernama.

According to him, the victim was taken to the Tawau Hospital.

This is the second incident of an elephant attacking civilians this month.  On Nov 9, around 6.15am an Indonesian couple were attacked by a wild elephant that suddenly went raging into the timber plantation in Brumas area near Tawau.  

Both victims, both plantation workers known as Santoko Satria, 44 who suffered minor injuries and his wife Susi Sudirman, 36, who sustained serious bodily and face injuries after being attacked by the elephant.

Since the incident, workers at the timber plantation were worried and cautious about their safety due to threats posed by wild elephants even when they are not provoked.